Friday, January 23, 2015

Consider Installing A Sprinkler System While You Remodel that Older Home

  •    Almost 85% of all fire deaths, in the USA occur in the home.
  •  OUR Fire sprinklers save lives, property loss is significantly lower and can streamline        owners premiums.
  •  These Sprinkler Systems are very effective. The response is wicked quick in fire. They reduce the risk of death or injury from a fire because they   significantly shrink the heat, muffle flames and smoke produced, allowing folks the time to evacuate the home.
  •  Home fire sprinklers can control and may even extinguish a fire  in less time than it would take the fire department to arrive on the scene.
  •       Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire. In 90% of home fires where the sprinklers operate, just one sprinkler operates.
  •       If you have a fire in your home, the risk of dying is cut by about one-third when smoke alarms are present (or about half if the smoke alarms are working), while automatic fire sprinkler systems cut the risk of dying by about 79%.
  •    In a home with sprinklers, the average property loss per fire is cut by about 69% (compared to fires where sprinklers were not activated.)
  •  A Fire Protection Research Foundation report found that the cost of installing home fire sprinklers averages $2.22 per sprinkled square foot.
  •  Modern residential sprinklers are inconspicuous and can be mounted flush with walls or ceilings.
  •  Sprinklers operate in all but 7% of home fires        when the system is initiated. Human error was factor in most of the short comings of the systerm. The system was shut-off in more than three of every five failures.
    All national model safety codes include fire sprinklers as a minimum safety requirement for new home construction.