Friday, February 20, 2015

Emergency Electrician in Cumming GA

  As you all know I am an Electrician in Cumming GA. In the past few days we have been caught in winter storms including #Pandora. We have been an avalanche  of calls. Everyone has been requesting Electrical Service Entrance Repairs. Now most everyone has had 200 Amp Electric Meter Bases. 

Electrical Service Entrance

In the south these are commonly fed from overhead tar transformers. Optimally, it would be better if your utility would serve the power source underground. Some homes use 300 Amp or 400 Amp Electrical Services.

 Check out our Award Winning Video on a Install in Cumming GA

 When you have the work performed, or if you feel comfortable with taking on a project of this size, always permit you electrical installation.  You should always ask your electrician to provide a load calculation if possible. This will help for an accurate assessment of your existing system. The need of the supply likely has changed since your purchase was made. This is always a great opportunity to replace the existing Load Center on the property. If the Panel in the residence is twenty years or older consider changing this now. Here is a video on replacing your Load Center. 

   When making these changes , always make sure your load center is grounded and now the National Electrical Code requires a main disconnecting means on the exterior of the residence near the service entrance.   Hey if you are in need of an Electrical Emergency Service Call Keep Argo Electrical Services in Mind. We work 7 days a week. Offering a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, you can't find a better value in North GA. #snowpocalypse