Saturday, April 10, 2010

Job Briefing & Planning Summary

Planning for a job properly prevents mistakes and injuries from occurring. Safety on the job is not
something that just happens; it should be an integral part of the planning process. Job briefings are a
great way to include and encourage all crew members in the safety planning process. Job briefings can be
held at the start of work shifts, as work tasks or hazards change, and as additional personnel arrive.
Safety Does Not Just Happen: >
The hazards
The voltage levels involved
Skills required
Any “foreign” (secondary source) voltage source
Any unusual work conditions
The shock protection boundaries
The available incident energy
Potential for arc flash (Conduct a flash-hazard analysis)
Flash protection boundary
Number of people needed to do the job
Can the equipment be deenergized?
Is a “standby person” required?
Are backfeeds of the circuit to be worked on possible?
Job plans
Single-line diagrams and vendor prints
Status board
Information on plant and vendor resources is up to date
Safety procedures
Vendor information
Individuals are familiar with the facility
What the job is
Who else needs to know—Communicate!
Who is in charge
About the unexpected event...What if?
Test for voltage—First
Use the right tools and equipment, including PPE
Install and remove grounds
Install barriers and barricades
What else...?
Prepare for an emergency
Is the standby person CPR trained?
Is the required emergency equipment available? Where is it?
Where is the nearest telephone?
Where is the fire alarm?
Is confined space rescue available?
What is the exact work location?
How is the equipment shut off in an emergency?
Are the emergency telephone numbers known?
Where is the fire extinguisher?
Are radio communications available?